Will Registration

Will refers to the last testamentory document executed by the testator, declaring how the estate would be manged / divided after his death. The estate could be anything varying from trademark, royalty, property, plots, hotels, homes, shares, bank account, art, right to interest, photographs etc. The testator decides before hand as to how the estate would be decided thereby ending any chance of dispute between the legal heirs with respect to his estate.

The most important part of will drafting is to first identifying all the properties the testator have and then list of all the relatives/ well wishers testator want to give benefit of. The testator can even pass the benefit of certain rights to anyone for life time for sustenance and then to other.

The most effective way of drafting a will is to get an expert advice before finalizing it, get it written and get it registered. One more advise would be giving it to certain administrator or individual/ agency which will take care of the same.

Anyone willing to have it get expert advise before drafting a will can do so by writing to proxycounselinfo@gmail.com or call at 8882555621 our team will assist you in drafting the will, keeping it secret and safe by getting it registered.

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