Trademark Registration

TRADEMARK which is also known as “brandname” laymans language is a visual representation of a symbol consisting of a word, sign, name device, special character and or in any combination of colours  which used by any manufacturer / service providers to distinguish its products from other competitors.  Trademark has huge importance in this era of Globalization since it helps customers to identify the product of a particular manufacturer / service provider from that of others.  

Infact Trademark, Copyright, Patents, Industrial Design protection are part of the latest trend which about a century old only wherein the innovator is provided with exclusive right over its innovative, idea, design, mark, artistic products to exploit  their creation commercially thereby restraining others from using the same.  These all falls in the area of Intellectual Property Rights and the international body which governs the same is World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and most of the countries are following the directions, decision and conventions which are being discussed and adopted by WIPO by member countries.

To get the trademark registered as per The Trade Mark Registration Act a trademark required to pass three basic tests. First Trademark should be capable of being represented graphically, Second capable of distinguish itself from those of other goods manufacturer and service provider, Third it needed to be used in relation to goods or service by the owner to differentiate its product or services from that of other competitors.
The most fundamental question arises  is who and how to apply for trademark. Well any person claims to be owner of trademark or person who wants to use that trademark may make an application for registration with the TradeMark Registrar. The application needs to have Trade Mark in three sets, prescribed fee, power of attorney to use the mark and signature on the same

 Why Registration of Trademark
It provides the manufacturer / service provider exclusivity to use that particular mark and differentiate its products or services from other competitors. It assist the customer to easily identify the product / services of the trademark owner from that of the other competitors. The owner of trademark can assign the trademark to others for use, can stop other manufacturer/ service providers from using the particular trademark or anything identical to that Trademark by taking legal remedies before the court of law.  After trademark the company or individual can build their entire reputation and image around that particular trademark which itself have value in millions of rupees. The example of trademark are Airtel, Sony, TATA etc written in particular colour combination and fonts.
Different fees are prescribed for registration of Trademark which varies from Rs.2500/- to Rs.5,000/- and apart from that nominal charges are being charged by agents / service providers towards assistance for getting the trademark registered which  normally starts from Rs.7500/- on the lowest side but certain service providers are charging upto Rs.25,000/- however their services are quite good.

We are providing all services for  Intellectual Property Rights like:
1.    Trademark registration Application
2.    Copyright Registration Application
3.    Industrial Design Registration Application
4.    Patent Registration Application
5.    Notice for opposing an application published in TradeMark Journal
6.    Renewal of TradeMark
7.    Rectification of TradeMark
8.    Legal Certificate
9.    Advice on Trademark, Copyright, Industrial Design & Patents
10.    Protection of Trademark & Intellectual protection rights from being misused

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