Propery Registration

Indian law requires every property transfer, sale , exchange, gift, lease for more than 11 months registered as per law with the registrar. The purchase of property and valid transfer the lot of steps are involved like identifying the property its exact location as per revenue record of the concerned registrar, original documents, checking chain of all the documents and  making sure that property is free from all encumbrances and not prohibited by any legal authority from being sold / transferred or exchanged.

Apart from this the most important part is the drafting of legal documents by experts dealing in drafting of property documents. having required experience professionals which is important wherein we advise our clients in preparing legal documentation for the renting, purchase, leasing, sale, mortgage etc of any property which could be commercial, agricultural, industrial, residential etc. We assist and edvise keeping in view the local laws related to municipal corporation, L & DO etc.

Our team of experts assist our client at every juncture of due diligence with respect to property and finally transfer, selling, exchange, gifting or renting of the property by drafting, vetting and registration of property.

The following type of documents our team advise & assist in drafting and filing.
Lease Deed
Sale Deed
License Deed
Exchange Deed
Mortgage Deed
Relinquishment Deed
Gift Deed
Partition Deed
Settlement Deed
Will etc

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