Property Documentation

In India registration of property in one's name is most important to secure your clear title over them. As per registration act every property i.e piece of land whether constructed or not required to be registered. Buyers needs to do thoroughly check if the property i.e Flat, Land, Commercial Plot, Agricultural land is permitted to be registered with the registrar. Their are number of technicality involved in buying and registering a property which is clear from all encumbrances to avoid felling into any trap which could rob you of hard earned money. In India number of register sometime ban sale and purchase of land in certain notified area, or don't allow registration of independent floors and lease hold properties.

So before anyone buy a property he should do the following acts before hand

1. Getting title report of the property

2. Check with registrar if the property can be registered.

3. Check the applicable taxes

4. Check the pending utility bills

5. Get a Drafting Expert to draft Sale  Deed

6. Get it registered

Our team of experts will definately assist you once you have identified a property in the following manner.

Title Search
Drafting of Lease Deed
Rent Deed
Relinquishment Deed
Gift Deed
Registration of all property documents

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