NGO Registration

NGO  primarily known as non governmental organization is being created by social workers for the benefit of society. The thousands of NGO are registered in India for welfare of general public. Several NGO are running educational institute, vocational institute, hospitals, orphanage, old age homes etc for the society. Infact anyone willing to work for society needs to have some or the other form of organization for better management and better services to the society. Trust and Society (NGO) are two options for anyone willing to work for society. NGO are being registered under the society registration act and are entitled for number of benefits to promote the social welfare of public at large.

Regd under “Govt. of N.C.T of Delhi”/ “Govt. Regd.”
For opening School / Trust
Regd  Society has more value than unregistered Society
For  Computer Education  where certificate is to be given
Name Benefit
Income Tax Benefit
Recognition/Affiliation from any University / Organization
Grant from Govt.
Land from Govt.
80G certificate benefit under Income Tax Act
White capital for Building construction
Expenditure made on Society is an Investment
Benefits in Entertainment Tax
Benefits in Service Tax


Name 4-5 of the proposed society
Minimum 7 Persons- President Vice President,Secretary ,Joint Secretary Treasurer,Executive Member,Executive Member,Name, Address, Age, Occupation, Father’s Name
Address Proof- Voter I.D / Driving license/ Passport
Power of Attorney of the premises where society is to be registered
Electricity Bill / House tax Receipt / Water Bill photocopy
If rented, Rent deed and Rent receipt
NOC from Landlord on Rs.10/- stamp paper
Certain condition may vary if NGO wants to work all over India

You can call or whatsup your querry to 8882555621 or mail to

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