Tax Consulting

The Financial health of any nation decides the strength, stability and development of nation. Taxes which are imposed and collected by different government agencies are the main source of national income and critical to any nation. These taxes are broadly classified into Direct Tax and Indirect Tax and the collected under different heads like income tax, excise, sale tax, wealth tax, gift tax, VAT etc. Indian Government has Ministry of Finance to look after taxation and its collection by enactment of various laws, their amendment to keep pace with technology and other development in society. These enactments also provide for penalties for failure to pay taxes regularly. In India taxation regime is broadly governed by following acts.

  • The Income tax act, 1961
  • The Expenditure Tax Act, 1987
  • The Interest Tax Act, 1974
  • The Gift Tax Act, 1958
  • The Wealth Tax Act, 1957
  • The Taxation Laws (Amendment) Act, 2006

  • The central Excise Act, 1944
  • The Medicinal And toilet Preparation (Excise Duties) act, 1955
  • Service Tax: Statutory provisions (1994)
  • Central Sales Tax, 1956
  • Delhi Sales Tax, 1975
  • Customs Act, 1962

  • Normally the following type of legal assistance is being sought by individuals or corporate in the area of taxation :-
    • Advice on all tax planning matters
    • Custom Duty
    • Excise Duty
    • Service Tax
    • Income Tax
    • Gift Tax
    • Sales Tax
    • Value Added Tax
    • Octroi Tax
    • Filing of Yearly & Quarterly Return
    • NRI Taxation
    • PAN Number
    • Double Taxation
    • Legal Compliance

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