Cheque Bounce

Cheque’s matters which are covered under the The Negotiable Instrument Act which is defined as a bill of exchange drawn on a specified banker and not expressed to be payable otherwise than on demand. Cheques holds a major importance in business community today and it makes transactions very easy and reliable for organizations and individuals equally. More then a Million cheques are issued and honoured per year in India. Unfortunately some cheques gets dishonour too because of certain reasons for which Negotiable Instrument Act provides penal provisions of punishment upto 2 years and or double the amount of the cheque. However the filing of cases to recover the amount is not simple and quite tough having technicality hard to understand understand by lawman herein the consultation with attorney is very crucial immediately when your cheque gets dishonour. Herein Proxycounsel.com can help you to find a lawyer from their lawyer’s directory option.

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