Intellectual Property Rights means Trademark, Industrial Design, Copyright, Patent related rights. The entire domain of IPR Rights based on the principle that creator & innovator, and entrepreneur who have taken risk and put in their efforts to create something innovative, new ought to be rewarded by granting him exclusive right to financially exploit his new innovation, invention, work etc. It is the motivation force for researcher, artist, entrepreneur and designers to create something new which will serve the society at large. In India Intellectual property rights are governed by following laws:-

  • The Trade Markets Acts
  • The Industrial Design Act
  • The Copy right Act
  • The Patent Act etc

Normally the following type of legal assistance is being sought by individuals or corporate in the area of intellectual property rights:-
  • Registration & Renewal of Trademark, Industrial Design, Copy right etc
  • Prosecuting and defending Intellectual property infringement cases
  • Passing-off/unfair competition
  • Injunction matters for protection of trademark
  • Damages recovery matter for infringement and passing-off
  • Managing anti piracy campaigns
  • Anti Counterfeit actions
  • Raids against traders selling counterfeit goods
  • In association with relevant government agencies.
  • Drafting & Vetting of software licensing,
  • Drafting & Vetting of Technology transfers agreements,
  • Drafting & Vetting of Franchise agreements
  • Drafting of all agreement for transfer, assignment and sale of IPR rights.

PROXYCOUNSEL experts are well versed with Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issues. Varying from registration of Trademark, Copyright, Industrial Design to their renewal. We also draft contracts for licensing or transfer, or selling of registered Intellectual Property Rights. Experts also provide protection of your registered Intellectual Property Right (IPR) from any type of infringements by approaching court of law thereby avoid any loss your company may suffer because of any piracy, passing off or duplicity etc. Feel free to contact us by filling the contact form available on our header

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