Civil Law

Civil law is the widest faculties of law which affects every individuals right and same get sub categorized in various fields varying from tort to fundamental rights, from succession to purchase etc. Broadly every thing excluding Criminal Law fall,s within the ambit of civil law. Civil Law deals with personal liberty, civil rights, constitutional rights, insolvency, succession, partition, easement, consumer, recovery, tort, debts and the list is endless. In India the civil law is codified except of tort and same can be traced in these acts apart from others:-

  • Indian Contract Act
  • Hindu Succession Act
  • Public International Law
  • Transfer of Property Act- including Property Registration
  • West Bengal Tenancy Act
  • Specific Relief Act
  • West Bengal Co-operative Societies Act
  • Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act
  • Guardian and Wards Act
  • West Bengal Shops and Establishments Act
  • Urban Land Ceiling Act
  • Consumer law
  • Patent Act
  • Industrial Design Act
  • Copyright Act.
  • Banking Act & Other regulations

That normally following legal support and litigation based civil law are being availed by the affected individual or victim.
  • Recovery of Immoveable Property
  • Recovery of Moveable Property
  • Recovery of Bad Debts.
  • Recovery of Money, Loan etc
  • Recovery of damages etc
  • Advice on Buying New Property
  • Title Search of Property
  • Succession to Property
  • Partition of property
  • Copyright, Industrial Design, Trademark Injunction.
  • Injunction of permanent and mandatory nature.
  • Letter of administration
  • Labor law matter retrenchment, suspension etc
  • Registration of LLP, Partnership and Corporation and their dissolution
  • Insolvency matters
  • Maintenance (FAMILY LAW)
  • Adoption (FAMILY LAW)
  • Divorce (FAMILY LAW)
  • Tenancy matters
  • Compensation & damages suit
  • Motor Accident Matters
  • Drafting of agreements, contracts, bonds, wills and deeds etc
  • Legal research on all these matters
  • Advice on all issues relating to it.
  • All documentation
  • PROPERTY advice for starting of new housing projects
  • Advice for taking license and noc from government
  • Advice on land use change
  • All property related dispute of individuals, industrial & Project based.

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