Consumer Law

Since our inception we start consuming. We need food, clothes, homes, cars, Mobile Phones and services of Airlines, Railways, hotels, schools, colleges etc which are provided by third parties. Sometime we found that the goods and services purchased or availed by us are defective, unusable and not serve the purpose for which same has been purchased. However the manufacturer companies or traders which sell those goods and services are earning huge profits. Herein the need of consumer’ protection from big and small manufacturer Companies/ traders is warranted resulted into enactment of consumer protection laws all around the world. The earlier era of buyers beaware and shifted to seller beaware before selling any defective goods or services.
In India CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT, 1986 has been enacted for Protection of Consumer Rights. The Act seeks to promote and protects the interest of consumers against deficiencies and defects in goods or services. It also seeks to secure the rights of a consumer against unfair or restrictive trade practices, which may be practiced by manufacturers and traders. This Act has provided machinery whereby consumers can file their complaints which will be entertained by the Consumer Forums with special powers so that action can be taken against erring suppliers and the possible compensation may be awarded to consumer for the hardships he or she has undergone.
That normally following legal support and litigation based on consumer law are being availed by the affected individual or victim of deficiency of service and defective goods: -

  • Drafting & sending of consumer notice
  • Drafting & Filing of Consumer complaints
  • Drafting & Filing of Consumer Appeals
  • Enforcement of Awards
  • Appearing before District Consumer Forum
  • Appearing before State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission
  • Appearing before National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission

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