Know About Legal Registration

Law of Registration provides everything which have a value of more than Rs.100/- is required to be compulsorily register if you want any legal protection or claim any right in the said property. So all property related documents, business agreements, Sale purchase agreements or any arrangement which transfer the right to any other person whose value is more than Rs.100/- like lease of goodwill, trademark, patent, copyright etc required to be registered as per law.  Our team of experts not only give guidance but also provide services to all in the filed of all type of registration which could relevant for individuals or to big Company.

Our Team provide Guidance, Drafting & Registration for everything which is not limited to list below:-

Lease Deed
Sale Deed
Exchange Deed
Gift Deed
Relinquishment Deed
Industrial Design
Sale Tax
Service Tax
GST Registration
PAN card
Commercial Agreement
Non Disclosure Agreement
Employer Agreement
Tri Party Agreement
Arbitration Agreements
All other Commercial Agreements

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