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Legal Audit

Legal Audit is preventive initiative taken as abundant caution and discreet prudence to avoid any future litigation with any stakeholder thereby saving heavily on litigation, compensation, penalties and company reputation. Legal Audit which appears to be an accounting word has nothing to do with accounting. It's all about law and its enforcement, it's based on a famous idiom “Prevention is better than cure” as any entrepreneur facing a legal problem can have catastrophic effect on its finance, reputation and confidence which could choke the company to its gradual death. Its revisiting your contracts, agreements and conventions with various stakeholders including but not limited to employees, vendors, landlord, customers, government authorities and banks with a view to harmonise the relationship and avoid future legal confrontations with the stakeholder and avoid the avoidable unnecessary future litigation thereby reducing future burden on the resources of your organization. Infact you can avoid prosecution, penalties and court cases by using Legal Audit. It’s a pre-audit which is distinct from Tax Audit, Financial Audit, Company Audit which are post audits and undertook in the end of the year. It includes:

  • choice and structure of the entity;
  • recent acts of the board of directors and documentation (or lack thereof) relating to those decisions;
  • protection of intellectual property;
  • forms and methods of distribution and marketing;
  • pending and threatened litigation; estate planning;
  • insurance coverage;
  • hiring and firing practices;
  • employment agreements;
  • securities law compliance;
  • IPR and related trade regulations;
  • Statutory Compliances;
  • product liability and environmental law;
  • review of sales and collection practices.
The complexity and costing of Legal Audit will vary as per size, category and type of business and other factors which starts from Rs.11000/- however for limited period available at an introductory offer of @ Rs.9999/- Only . Contact us now to know more……….

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