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  • Category:Criminal Law | Asked On:2017-09-19 05:12:22 | Asked By:Sikha

    How to get an FIR registered a builder has taken an advance of approximately Rs.20 Lakhs from me and is not handing over the possession the...Read More

  • Category:Consumer Law | Asked On:2017-07-28 04:58:44 | Asked By:Rikshit

    I have purchased a second hand car which was driven only 40000Km however when i got the care servised at the company workshop i came to kn...Read More

  • Category:Labour Law | Asked On:2017-07-17 05:12:14 | Asked By:Rakesh

    I am working with a private firm, since last 20 years with PPF being deduced, ESIC benefits and everything however i have never ever recei...Read More

  • Suit for Partition
    Category:Realstate Law | Asked On:2017-01-02 07:55:03 | Asked By:Rahul

    Hi what is the jurisdiction for suit for partition and how can we proceed with filling of the suit of partition in ancestrial property, i a...Read More

  • Registration
    Category:Registration | Asked On:2016-11-05 06:12:29 | Asked By:Geetanjali Sharma

    hi! I am practicing lawyer in Delhi District Courts. I want to register a Trust but i dont know its complete procedure, so pls let me know...Read More

  • Want divorce by mutual consent
    Category:I don't know | Asked On:2016-10-23 06:08:57 | Asked By:Shristi

    I am willing to get a divorce by mutual consent, however my husband is not willing to give any consent for the same. If their is any other ...Read More

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