Company Registration

Company have came into existence in 19th Centaury with growth of business which made it virtually impossible for individuals to manage their own proprietor business which was growing across continents serving to millions of people necessitated the enactment of Companies act in year 1857 for better management of the companies. In India the earliest act was Indian Companies Act 1913 which was amended several times. The latest act provides broadly for three type of companies i.e Banking Company, Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, Government Company & Section 25 company for promotion of art, craft and sports etc.

Most of the time we are concerned with Private Limited Company which is a separate legal entity from its founders, shareholders and mangers. The liability of shareholders is not unlimited as in case of proprietorship concern but limited to the paid-unpaid capital that is issued to that particular shareholders. The manor benefits are as follow:
•    Minimum 2 person to maximum 50 members required for registration,
•    Limited financial liabilities for founder,
•    East to get founds from selling of shares,
•    Additional members can be added as per need of company,
•    Selling is quite easy
•    Can be started with limited funds of Rs.1,00,000/- Only,
•    Can be registered within in 15 days

How to register Company

Normally it takes only 15 days to register a company after preparation of Article of Association & Memorandum of Association which defines the way of working and are of working of the company. Our team provides following services
1.    Registration / incorporation of Company,
2.    Legal Compliance
3.    Incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership in India
4.    Incorporation of partnership and its registration etc.
5.    Establishment of Branch, Liaison & Representative Offices
6.    FEMA Exchange Control & Regulatory Matters
7.    Distribution, Agency & Franchise Agreements
8.    Foreign Collaboration, Joint Ventures
9.    Mergers and Acquisitions
10.    Winding Up and Liquidations
11.    Securities Laws & Regulations
12.    Corporate & Shareholders, Disputes
13.    Corporate Restructuring & Reconstruction
14.    Misfeasance Actions
15.    Oppression Actions
16.    Recovery of Investment by International Fund Managers
17.    Schemes of Arrangements
18.    Debt Restructuring
19.    Winding-up & Bankruptcy Proceedings
20.    Dealership transfers
21.    Dealership and franchise litigation
22.    Licensing etc
23.    Consumer and advertising laws
24.    Trade regulations and practices
25.    Business structure and planning
26.    Sales and lease contracts
27.    Financing and operations

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